This weekly gentle and therapeutic yoga practice offers movement and helpful tips to feel nurtured and motivated. 

Gentle Yoga

Video-On-Demand | New Class Weekly


60 minute class - New Class Weekly

Jen will guide you through an all-levels gentle experience of vinyasa yoga.  Combining her therapeutic knowledge of yoga, massage, hypnotherapy and other techniques this class is a creative exploration cultivating a sense of meditation, relaxation, physical strength, and flexibility.

What are attendees are saying


"I value Jen for her extraordinary ability to teach body awareness through her gentle yoga classes. As an older athlete (61), I can apply the knowledge across all of my other activities--from strength training to swimming, running and cycling! Thanks Jen!"

"Taking yoga sessions with her increased my flexibility tremendously; and she taught me how to control stress."

Massage Sesson - Week 4 - Thai Stretching Massage

Massage Session - Week 3 - Myofascial Release

Week 2 - Deep Tissue Techniques

This class will go over a traditional thai massage session which combines massage with stretching and breathing. This class is for all levels and stretch abilities. (We will be kneeling in class, so it may not be suitable for someone with knee injury) All Participants that are signed up for the whole massage weekend are welcome to stay for the potluck and sound healing meditation and reiki event at no additional cost.


Myofacial Release targets the fascia of the body, the tissue that surrounds all of your organs, joints, and muscles. This layer of the tissue can have a profound effect on the function of the body and freeing this layer, helps free the whole body.

This class will focus on technique and tips for working deeper muscles in the body and continue to build on relaxation techniques and how to give massage safely, without strain.

Week 1 - Swedish Techniques


Introduction to Massage using Swedish Massage, you'll learn body mechanics and 7 basic techniques, that are firm but gentle and overall very relaxing for the body.


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This Video on Demand Class is emailed out Monday's.

- you'll have live-time access to the video class you register for.
- registration closes Friday before.  If you'll like class register before Friday.


 This class can start anytime.  You can schedule classes in our online scheduler, if you need help text (215) 317 - 2412.

Registration closes the Friday before.
Class is sent out Monday at 10.


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"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful massage class tonight. I think that was the most relaxed I have seen my husband, in a long time. We are looking forward to practicing at home. We both gained a lot of confidence in massaging each other and I know he is much more open to massage now, in both receiving and giving. Thanks again!"

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The online class includes weekly video lessons.

What to expect with the online class