Healing Wellness Services for All Branches of Life

Coaching and Video Class "Introduction to Yoga"

This class is helpful for people who:

you are newer to yoga
you never had an introduction
you want to understand the basics  
you don't want to be in a group class
you'd rather move at you're own pace
you're life is more stationary and you need more movement
you want movement that is not hard on your joints
you want to experience different styles of yoga

This 12 week class series will give you a foundation of yoga. You'll learn about the different physical positions, how to transition gracefully between them, and some important ways to shift your practice in a group setting to personalize it to your body. Each class includes breathing and meditation practices for calming the mind. Some classes explore different styles of yoga and some are designed with a specific intention like increasing heat, improving digestion, or supporting you in getting a really good night sleep. This practice is meant to be a support for a home practice, and give an overall wellness tune up balancing building strength, and increasing heat in the body with improving our ability to relax, soften, cool down, and stretch.

Details:  We start with a discussion on your intention for the class, and what level of accountability and coaching you'd like. You'll receive one class free.  If you join the program for $240, You'll receive one video a week for 12 weeks and coaching.

Massage &
Energy Healing

The benefits and healing powers of massage go further then stress relief and relaxation.  The Massage and Energy Healing Sessions that I offer include a range of techniques from swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic, prenatal, sports massage, thai massage, myofasical release, reiki, pranic healing.  

Mind Space Healing

Life can be a balancing act between when to hold on and when to let go.  The healing work I share is meant to help people discover stresses and learn tools to live more peacefully.  That is why my clients call me the relaxation coach.   

I am experienced with several techniques that help each session to be tailered to what you need in the  moment.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Ayurveda can help you discover new ways of being, and let go of limited beliefs.

Mind Space Healing Sessions are done in zoom, they are usually around 90 minutes, but they are not timed. 

Schedule this session when you are wanting to feel better about something thats causing you stress.


The study of yoga originated as a dialogue between a teacher and the student.  By receiving one on one privates you can explore specific areas of interest such as alignment in asanas, injuries, philosophy, chanting, etc. 
Options for Yoga include:
Private Sessions at The Cedars house
Private Sessions in Zoom
Video on Demand Classes

Self-Care Classes

In-Person and Online Classes Available

Reiki & Sending Love

Zoom Live-Stream - Tuesday 11 AM EST 

The most common first effect of Reiki is a deep state of relaxation, which is key to healing.

Gentle Yoga

Video-on-Demand  - New Class Weekly

This weekly gentle and therapeutic yoga practice offers movement and helpful tips to feel nurtured and motivated.

Tapping Practice Group

Zoom Live-Stream - Wednesday 11 AM EST

We are all creative beings. With tapping and meditation we clear blocks, create goals, get support and align our life.

The Artist Within

Video and Coaching 12 Week Program

Manifest the project you've always wanted to create. Transform negative thought patterns into your inner genius.

Keeping House with EFT

Video and Coaching 6 Week Program

Identify and soothe the feelings that come up when we are faced with all our tangible stuff!

Winning with Money

Video and Coaching 8 Week Program

Dissolve negative beliefs around money and learn skills to take the steps necessary to help you reach your financial goals.


As a chiropractor, I've had the opportunity to work with and to have been worked on by a number of massage therapists. I rank Jen Merritt among the very best. She is deceptively strong and intuitive. She is reliable, friendly and can put anyone at ease. She has helped me when I've been in pain and other times, when I just needed to unwind and relax. I have no reservations recommending her, as I know anyone would be pleased with her skills and personable demeanor.

Dr. Hank Finkel, D.C.

Couples Massage Class

Jen, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class tonight. I think that was the most relaxed I have seen my husband, Bill, in a long time.

Massage Therapy


I value Jen for her extraordinary ability to teach body awareness through her gentle yoga classes. As an older athlete (61), I can apply the knowledge across all of my other activities--from strength training to swimming, running and cycling!  Thanks Jen!

Massage Therapy

I am a regular client of Merritt massage.  Jen is fabulous at a variety of different massage therapies.  No matter what the issue I'm having, i.e. a cold or if I have work stress, she has a therapy to help!

Massage Therapy

Jen is so awesome. Very knowledgeable about her craft and the human body in general. I usually see her for therapeutic massage. My job is very physical and I find relief for my chronic pain in seeing her.